How does this differ from a Golf Outing?
Golf Outings are old news. We’ve been there and done that.
Clay Outings offer a unique, and exciting way to enjoy a fundraising event. Simply put – it’s a lot of fun.

What safety precautions have been implemented for COVID-19:
The range is owned by Suffolk County and follows guidelines as mandated by the County and New York State.

Range Address:
Suffolk County Skeet Trap & Sporting Clays
165 Gerard Road
Yaphank, New York 11980
Directions to Range
Suffolk County Clays Website

What’s Included:
20 or 12 Gauge, shells, targets
Continental Breakfast, Raffles, Snack/Beverage Cart, BBQ Lunch, and Fun.

Rules of the Range:
Eye protection is required.
Ear protection is strongly suggested. Earplugs are available at the range.

Breakfast & Lunch is served outdoors under a large tent.
Tables & Chairs provided.
Restrooms are located inside the range clubhouse.
The clubhouse provides a full array of gear and apparel for sale.

Dress for the weather.
Wear shoes for hiking terrain.

Is sporting clays like skeet or trap?
Sporting clays are designed to simulate field shooting and mimic the flight path of gamebirds (flushing, crossing, incoming), as well as rabbits running across the ground. You’ll move from station to station where new target presentations are thrown in pairs (usually 3-4 pairs per station).

Do I need experience?
No! Even if you’ve never held a firearm, our instructors will have you breaking targets in no time! A quick training session by range officials will precede the event.

Do I need my own 12-gauge or 20-gauge?
No. The range provides both. 12-gauge firearms will be pre-positioned at each station along with a limited amount of 20-gauge. You will not need to carry a firearm or ammo from station to station.

Can I bring my own 12-gauge or 20-gauge?
Yes. Ammo provided can vary but is typically Competition 2-3/4″ | 1oz | #7-#8 Shot

How many targets will be thrown?
100 clay targets.

How long does it take to complete the course?
You can expect to spend three to four hours on the course depending on the number of clays thrown, the size of your squad, and the total number of participants.

Will we be driving club cars (carts) or walking the course?
Due to the extremely limited availability of club cars, you will be walking the course. The course is approximately one mile around the oval.
A limited number of carts will be provided to participants with verifiable disabilities.
We must be notified in advance of your request. Day of requests are not guaranteed.

Do I need to bring anything?
1. Close-toed hiking shoes or boots are recommended for your safety.
2. Bring sunglasses or eye protection, if possible. Eye protection (required) is available for purchase at the clubhouse. Please note, polycarbonate lenses or glass (this is at least 2.00mm thick in the center of the lens) provides the best eye protection.
3. Ear protection (squishy plugs) is provided at no charge.

Do I need to sign any release forms?
By checking the terms and conditions box upon checkout, you already agreed to the terms and conditions for you and/or your squad. No additional form is required.

Terms and Conditions can be reviewed at

Can I drink alcohol or smoke marijuana?
No. The range is owned by the Suffolk County Department of Parks and Recreation.  No alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs are allowed prior to or during shooting. No one will be allowed to participate in any activity if deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

A firearm can only be loaded when you are in the station, the firearm is over the front rail and the target area is deemed clear and safe. At all times, the firearm shall be unloaded and placed on a rack or carried vertically with the action open.

When leaving any station or path area, participants must ensure that the firearm is unloaded and the action is open and carried in a vertical position.

All mounts must be taken from inside a station by one person at a time. Mounting from anywhere else including next to or in front of a station is strictly prohibited. ONLY wheelchair participants are permitted to participate directly next to a station when it is deemed safe.

No practice mounts or swings are allowed except while in the station and the gun pointed downrange.

Any infraction of these rules will result in the loss of privileges and possible expulsion from the property, without a refund.